Moreno Valley Emma & Javier Wedding

The day arrived who said love is young any age love comes this couple is the image of love.  From the song When a Men Loves a Women this is their song.  Javier so shy hard to get him to smile or look at the camera but when the camera went down his love for her came out loud.  Congratulations Javier & Emma on your new future together……moreno-valley-wedding-01 moreno-valley-wedding-02 moreno-valley-wedding-03 moreno-valley-wedding-04 moreno-valley-wedding-05 moreno-valley-wedding-06 moreno-valley-wedding-07 moreno-valley-wedding-08 moreno-valley-wedding-09 moreno-valley-wedding-10 moreno-valley-wedding-11 moreno-valley-wedding-12 moreno-valley-wedding-13 moreno-valley-wedding-14 moreno-valley-wedding-15 moreno-valley-wedding-16 moreno-valley-wedding-17 moreno-valley-wedding-18 moreno-valley-wedding-19 moreno-valley-wedding-20 moreno-valley-wedding-21 moreno-valley-wedding-22

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